Allabona – a place to eat (Pisa)

Dans le dédalle de rue à restaurants des petites et grandes villes touristiques, on a souvent peine à trouver LE restaurant, pour un moment clé, clôturer sa journée déjà remplie de nostalgie.

La présence des racoleurs ne donne guère confiance au service de l’établissement, accueillant plus notre portefeuille que la curiosité du voyageur qui cherche l’authenticité, la sympathie, le locale responsable, …

Réjouissez-vous, parce qu’à Pise, à 250 pas de la plus célèbre tour penchée, Alessandro nous a accueilli dans l’un des 3 restaurants de sa région: « Alla Bòna ».

Davvero toscano – 100% truly tuscan style: “Alla Bòna” means, natural and genuine without pretensions of form a wide variety of recipes with imagination and good taste.

Tuscan food has certainly conquered the whole world. Everything actually stems from quite simple preparations: genuine seasonal ingredients and centuries of tradition to develop a wide variety of recipes with imagination and good taste; the work is completed by the wise use of fragrances and aromas from our territory, which for this reason we must preserve at its best.

Entering in the restaurant, the concept is clearly visible and very well explained: 99% local product (indeed still resist famous and addictive american drink), made of simple and gentle traditions, classic style and proud attachment to the territory.

Green Mood: taking care about environment, they use biodegradable and compostable dishes. They serve in pure cellulose platters and napkins, corn starch utensils and cups which are put after your lunch/dinner in the organic waste which ends in fertile compost once properly treated.

Bio: They serve free puarified tap water they put in glass bottles in order to reduce plastics and transportation emissions. But they properly honor the most noble of our drinks serving wine in glass!

if you missed it in Pisa, don’t worry: Allabona is located in Livorno and Lucca too!